Stolen Our Hearts Podcast Is Pivoting

Hello everyone. Do you listen to the Stolen Our Hearts Podcast? You may have noticed that some things have changed, namely… I haven’t been posting new episodes. That’s because I decided to pivot, then in true anxiety ridden form, got too anxious to actually work on it. It just wasn’t good enough! I eventually decided to just go for it, like I did with Stolen Our Hearts, and the first episode is already better than the first episode of Stolen Our Hearts so that’s a win. I now have two podcasts- Stolen Our Hearts has been split into two topics. One, The Ferret Paradigm, is about ferrets and other mustelids and things that would interest ferret parents (Ferrents). The other is The Fauna Paradigm, and is about exotic pets and other animals people love. I wanted to make it easier to find ferret content but I didn’t want to drop the other animals because I find that so fun to learn about personally. I hope you feel the same! So, look up the two new podcasts on your favourite podcasting app. I still recommend Stitcher, but I should be on others too.

The new episodes will be mostly older episodes of Stolen Our Hearts to begin with, then I’ll start up the new content. If you’d like to be a guest, please email me.

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