Returns, Refunds, Privacy, Membership and Business Policies

Membership Policy

Membership can be ceased at any time using Buy Me a Coffee. No refunds can be given for time used or money spent, however.

When joining the Membership, please check that you can attend any workshops, classes, group sessions etc before you join.

Only ‘relevant’ links and businesses will be advertised on Stolen Our Hearts and the various social media or websites. Please check before you join.

Nyree will read out obituaries for any species of animal or any person as part of the membership as long as the content is unoffensive. Time limits apply. It may be read during an episode, or as part of a special obituary episode.

To make the membership worthwhile, please post on the secret facebook group and make sure you reply to others. It’s the only way it will be active and fun.

Nyree can cancel your membership at any time if you are ‘not a good fit’, are abusive, offensive, dangerous to your pet, or any other reason.

Mentoring Policies

As part of the group classes and the 1:1 mentoring, Nyree wants to remind you that she is not a vet. She can express concern or her suspicion about something being wrong, and describe symptoms of some illnesses, but please always take your ferret to a ferret knowledgeable vet. Nyree takes no responsibility for health problems of your ferrets.

Nyree reserves the right to be treated with respect. Nyree reserves the right to stop mentoring a client at any point, for any reason. Refunds for what has already been paid for will not be given. Nyree is paid for her time rather than her information, as the information is not a secret.

Privacy Policy

Any collected emails or contact details or sensitive identifiable information will not be shared with other parties without consent.

If you are subscribed to the mailing list, there is an unsubscribe link that you can use at any time

Guest Policy

I look to find guests who give accurate information and know their animals well.

I may delete or edit as needed or use the interview recording for advertising purposes. Guests understand that and will not ask me to delete an episode unless there is a very good reason for it.

I expect guests to, within reason, share the link to the podcast with as many people as they feel is possible to help the podcast grow.

Guests are to tell me if their links are no longer valid so I can update them.

Contact me at stolenourheartspodcast@gmail.com for questions related to the policies.