Hello! One day I’ll have my own shop but for now, let me present what I’ve made that’s on other websites.

FerretLove is my Shapeways shop. Shapeways is a 3D printing website. I’ve got 2 unique ferret designs and 2 sugar glider designs. One of the ferrets is in a standing pose, the other in a ‘reaching up curiously’ pose. The gliders are in a sitting or gliding pose. These have been made to print in 1:12 scale as that’s my other hobby- dollhouse miniatures. They print in white for the ferrets or clear for the gliders and you can paint them to your own ferret or sugar glider’s specifications. And put them in your dollhouse, on a shelf, hiding on a wedding cake, drill a hole and use them as necklaces… lots of options! Make sure you click on the 3D button and spin them around to see the full design.

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Bundles From Jessa.

Jessa is an Australian who will help you with making digital products and residual passive incomes using them. 


Jessa Bellman is an Australian coach who has become know for teaching students all around the world how to create scalable, sustainable digital product businesses.

She has generated over one million in passive income revenue, made 114,000+ sales and has 18 thriving digital product Etsy stores running on autopilot. She also brings to the table a Bachelor of Design & Multimedia and years of experience building websites.

 As a mother of four small children, and hugely passionate about working smarter not harder, and helping her students create multi-stream businesses which free up their time.