Unwanted Fuzz Ferret Rescue

This episode is about a lovely rescue in Victoria, Australia- Unwanted Fuzz.

Carina gave me emailed responses to my questions. Unwanted Fuzz is my favourite ferret rescue- I got most of my ferrets from there. It’s in Creswick, near Ballarat. Unwanted Fuzz rescue takes in ferrets that are adoptable, non adoptable and also ‘will be adoptable one day’. She often takes in babies with ‘Swimmers’ (rickets) as it’s a problem that is rife for inexperienced breeders. She rehabilitates them and is sometimes able to find homes for these little wiggly or bent babies. Carina also managed to survive an outbreak of distemper. Distemper outbreaks frequently decimate rescues. Carina mostly works alone, though does have friends who will transport ferrets for her. If you’d like to help Carina and Unwanted Fuzz- donate to the vet’s account, offer to transport ferrets, donate paper kitty litter or meat or ferret toys or even better- adopt a ferret! She has told me that the least adoptable ferrets are albinos and older ferrets, but also ones that aren’t ‘quite right’. I can attest that these ones are still amazing pets.

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