About Stolen Our Hearts

Hi! This is Nyree from Stolen Our Hearts. So far Stolen Our Hearts is a podcast about ferrets and a podcast about other exotic pets.

The Ferret Paradigm is the ferret podcast.

The Fauna Paradigm is the podcast about exotic pets and other loved animals. 


Click the links to get to them directly, or look them up on any podcasting app! 

I’m an Australian who currently has 3 ferrets of her own- Trixie, Marie and Wilbur (in hierarchy order as Trixie would demand) and one chihuahua, Freyja. I’ve always loved ferrets though I didn’t know it for a while- I liked meerkats and otters first. Ferrets were otter meerkats that I could have in my house!

I’ve been looking for a way to improve the world, and I recently came to believe that this is it. I can help ferrets and their human parents through education, entertainment and support. When I started with ferrets, the internet was full of incorrect information. Pet shops also gave out incorrect information. There was like one book that was remotely accurate and it wasn’t available easily. There was like one youtuber. It was ridiculous. I also didn’t know what to look up or ask people, until a problem came up. I want to change that for my clients and listeners.

I wanted to help people in a fun way. I’d been listening to podcasts for a few years, mostly true crime, silly stuff and history, with a smattering of other things. I wanted to be a podcaster but my partner didn’t want to join me. I got brave one day in August 2021 and decided to just go for it, to pick a topic I absolutely love and just help the world through that. So Stolen Our Hearts was born.

I chose to talk about ferrets, but also exotic pets- because I absolutely loooove learning about animals. I hope you do too!